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History of Super Seal Specialty Co. 

Super Seal Specialty Co. had a humble beginning in Gallatin, Tennessee in 1971, when its owners, Rod and Annelen Juliani developed a radiator sealing compound called Super Seal, hence the name: Super Seal Specialty Company was born. The company marketed Super Seal as its sole product nationally for quite some time until 1975 when we went international. Super Seal is marketed worldwide to this day! In 1987, we began the development of Tuff Stuff because we saw that the tire repair industry was in dire need of a better way to seal the punctures in tires. Tires had become high tech in their construction by this time, while the methods to fix them were still quite antiquated. So, the R & D department at Super Seal Specialty Co. went to work to come up with and manufacture a repair that could match the tires that they would be put into. Tuff Stuff was born in 1989 as the high tech method of fixing the world's high tech array of tires, and now it boasts international distribution as well. 

In tire repair circles, Tuff Stuff is regarded as a great product if not the best product of its type in the world. Quality control is a main concern in the manufacturing of all our products because the life of you and your family rides on your tires.

At the outset, we made the firm resolve that we would never sacrifice one ounce of quality in our manufacturing process in order to save production costs. So, the name of the game at Super Seal Specialty Co. is and always has been, QUALITY CONTROL. This pledge of quality at any cost, is what has made all the products from Super Seal Specialty Co. synonymous with quality , endurance and performance.

Super Seal Specialty Co. would like to thank our distributors and the professional tire repair community for relying on our products to do the very best job possible in each and every tire repair situation. This relationship is what has made it possible to allow the motoring public to ride on the safest tires possible.

Now some history on our remaining products, Piranha and The Solution. After living and doing business in Tennessee for 25 years, Rod and Annelen Juliani, with their mascot dog named Tuffy, owners of and Super Seal Specialty Company, decided to relocate to the desert town of Cathedral City in Southern California. It was in California, starting in 1995, that the next product The Solution World's Best Waterless Carwash & Protectant was further developed. Marketing began rather slowly at first, beginning in the RV market, but rapidly grew to include the boat, motorcycle and household products markets. The Solution is used by those who have the most expensive toys or who really care about anything that is valuable to them. It is used by RVers, boat owners, fleets, limousine services, bus lines, motorcycle enthusiasts, fire departments, taxi services, hot-rodders, classic car collectors, at home (on countertops, cabinetry, shower stalls and doors, Corian, marble, laminates, mirrors, glass, etc.) and the list goes on and on!

Piranha, yet another product, mostly RV and boat related, but also great in-home septic systems and portable toilets. It is recognized as one of the most powerful and cost-effective RV holding tank maintenance product available on the market today. The specifications prove our performance claims with over 30 billion microbes per fluid ounce (an actual lab test called a bacteria count), compared to the competition’s specs of 1.2 to 2.4 billion microbes per ounce. The enthusiastic response from those who have used Piranha is the real proof that this product is a breakthrough in holding tank maintenance.

In February of 2003, Super Seal Specialty Company made itself available to the computer and electronics markets. Its latest product called Monitor Lizard is a hi-tech cleaner for all types of monitors and screens. But why did we think it was necessary to introduce yet another product to clean a screen, when there seems to be quite a number of other products already on the market, supposedly designed for a similar purpose? 

We live in an age of hi-tech computers, televisions and myriads of other gadgets are made with different types of screens. Anything from LCD and TFT to CRT to OLED and Plasma monitors. During our extensive research we found that even with all the available products that were being sold as screen cleaners, there was really no product available that could safely clean and protect these very delicate screens without scratching them. We could not even find a product that could even effectively clean a screen without smearing or streaking. For these reasons, Monitor Lizard was developed and is now available for you to purchase and use in protecting all of your valuable screens, including DVDs and CDs. You can use Monitor Lizard with confidence because it not only solves all of the cleaning problems stated above, but it also adds a layer of polymer protection to these delicate screens that may dramatically extend their service life. 

Super Seal Specialty Co. products either manufactured or sold by or Super Seal Specialty Company carry a 100% satisfaction guarantee. This simply means that if you are unhappy with any of your purchases from us, you can receive 100% of your money back (less any shipping charges).

We assure you that we will continue to improve our current products if a need should and will remain on a continuing quest to keep our good name and reputation associated with super high quality products!