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1. Why is Tuff-Stuff superior to all other string type tire repair products?

Answer: During the manufacturing process, Tuff-Stuff is partially vulcanized to give it added strength and also to keep the product from drying out! Other products, which have not undergone the vulcanization process, tend to dry out on the shelf! They are packaged in sealed plastic bags to keep them from drying out; however when the bag is opened, the drying out starts immediately! If the competitors products dry out on the shelf; what must they do in the tire? Also, Tuff-Stuff uses a higher grade of butyl rubber in its products than any of its competition. The net results for the end user is more tensile strength and more flexibility in extremely cold weather and super endurance in extremely hot weather, when the surface of many highways can exceed 100 degrees! Also, the product itself is much less likely to breakdown or fail!

2. What makes Tuff-Stuff a better repair than an inside patch? 

Answer: With an inside patch, a very thin flat piece of rubber (patch) is glued over the puncture (similar to a band-aid on a wound) on the inside of the tire, leaving the remainder of the injury exposed to the outside elements, such as rain and snow, highway salt and other corrosives which can rust the steel belts and cause other problems such as ply separation. When you use Tuff-Stuff, you have filled the puncture or injury completely with basically the same materials that the tire itself is made from; namely, butyl rubber and reinforced nylon cord. Also; Tuff-Stuff mushrooms out onto the inner liner of the tire as it spins down the road (centrifugal force effect).

So, to sum it up, Tuff-Stuff utilizes a three-way sealing effect: (1) vulcanization, (2) compression, a lot of repair material is squeezed into a puncture thereby compressing the material, and (3) the mushroom effect, which results in an added safety feature similar to a plug patch combination!

3. Since most tires are black, why isn't the Tuff-Stuff repair product black also?

Answer: First of all; no matter what color any tire repair product starts out as, after one trip around the block, they're all black anyway! Since Tuff-Stuff prides itself on being the most high tech tire repair on the market, it has always chosen not to make its product black! The reasoning behind this decision is quite simple; tires and black tire repair products use carbon black, which is a powder similar to coal dust to achieve their black color. In the case of tires, the carbon black does absolutely no harm. However, when carbon black is used in the manufacture of tire repair products, it tends to take away some of the tack. (If you have ever watched someone making bread dough, they always add flour to the dough to take away some of the stickiness or tack). Tack is very important in the sealing process of any string type tire repair product, as it helps to hold the product in place until the vulcanization process, accomplished by friction and road heat is completed!

4. Is Tuff-Stuff better than even the highest priced brown string type repair?
Answer: Yes! Although the manufacturer of the highest priced product would like you to believe that their product is the best, based solely on the name of their product and its inflated price, the facts speak for themselves: the higher quality of materials used in the manufacture of each and every Tuff-Stuff tire plug adds a definite degree of safety to all repairs made with this state of the art product! The high priced brown product may be a good product; but when the life of you and your family is riding on your tires, you want your tire repaired not with a good product but with the very best available and that definitely is Tuff-Stuff because it permanently fixes the injury by sealing it from the inside all the way through the tire to the outside of the tread where it meets the road! At Super Seal Specialty Co. (Tuff-Stuff), we believe that "the first thing a tire repair should do is last!" Therefore, you can have peace of mind knowing that a repair made with Tuff-Stuff will last for the life of the tire!

5. What about those who would contend that the inside patching system is a more professional procedure, superior to any repair made using a tire plug?
Answer: The RMA (Rubber Manufacturers Association) in its guidelines for patching a tire from the inside using a patch, says that the repairman should fill the injury first, and then patch over it! Therefore; once you have broken the tire down (removed it from the rim) to inspect for further tire damage, before applying the inside patch, you should plug or fill the injury first! And because of the superior quality of the Tuff-Stuff tire repair plug; there simply is no better way to accomplish this! Following these guidelines will give your customer the best and safest results according to the RMA!!

6. Can I become a distributor of Tuff-Stuff and are there any protected territories available!
Answer: The answer is yes to both questions! Tuff-Stuff, unlike "The Solution" and "Piranha" which are generally sold to the retail buyer; Tuff-Stuff is usually sold on the wholesale level to companies or individuals whose business is to repair tires. There are however; hundreds of other potential customers (i.e. farmers, construction companies, roofers, motorcycle and ATV shops, car dealerships, truck lines, fleets, logging companies, etc., etc.).

As for available protected territories; there are numerous areas throughout the United States and the globe that are available as "protected territories" for Tuff-Stuff, the world's best tubeless tire repair system! Just think of the billions of tires that are rolling on cars, trucks and every other type of vehicles imaginable, even lawn tractors and wheel barrows! Tire Repair is truly big business and we would like to hear from you regarding a "protected Tuff-stuff dealership! Just give us a call at 1-888-299-2136 or e-mail us from the contact page and we'll give you all the details. 

1. Why doesn"t "The Solution" scratch my vehicles' painted surfaces? 
Answer: The reason why "The Solution" does not scratch or leave swirl marks is three-fold! (1) The product is much slipperier than water. (2) It contains a surfactant which is a chemical designed to lift the dirt away from the surface or suspend it before it is lifted into the cloth. (3) you use only a 100% cotton terrycloth (bathtowel material) which is not only very soft, but also has a thick knap which traps dirt, grit and sand, thus keeping them from directly contacting the surface, while allowing "The Solution to do it's job of cleaning and leaving behind that "famous Solution shine", with no sufrace scratching or swirl marks!


2. I know that "The Solution" saves time because of the speed of it's application, but how can it save money when it costs $19.95 per quart and $42.95 per gallon? 
Answer: First of all, to most people, "time is money". because there is very little spare time left these days, and that makes the amount of time remaining to do the things important to you, very valuable! Secondly, you'll find that "The Solution" will save you real money too; because it is very cost effective to use. A quart can wash and shine an average car up to 10 times; with no need to wax it ever again! And thirdly, if you would compare the price of "The Solution" to the price of a quart of our competitor's product, which is sold under a multi-level arrangement, you would pay up to $43.00 per quart of their product (this translates into $172.00 per gallon of theirs compared to $42.95 per gallon of "The Solution"!) with the end result being basicly the same! Besides, "The Solution" is much easier to use, is non-toxic and biodegradable and contains no "petrolium distillates" ; three very important concerns if you care about the enviornment! 

3. The Solution" works great on my car, boat, and rv; but what else can I use it on? 
You can use "The Solution" on just about everything on the planet, non-porus surfaces such as painted surfaces, clear coats, chrome, stainless steel, windows, mirrors, glass, countertops, marble, granite, corian, wooden cabinetry, tv screens, computer monitors (crts and laptop screens / not only cleans these items but also reduces static charge), appliances, leather, vinyl, laminates, eye glasses, etc. etc. In fact it is much easier to list the few items that you should not use "The Solution" on and they are: people, pet, plants, carpets and cloth! And even if you were to apply "The Solution" to any item, it is non-toxic, non-staining, and leaves zero residues! So now that you've finally found "The Solution" to all of your cleaning problems; go ahead and solve them by cleaning, polishing and protecting all of your valuable posessions with "The Solution"! Always remember: SPRAY AND WIPE = WASH AND SHINE!


4. Is "The Solution" sold in stores and if not where can I buy it?

Answer: No; The Solution is gererally not sold in stores. However; you can purchase it from this website or from any of our distributors, which are usually people, just like yourself, who like the product well enough to want to share it with others and at the same time make money doing it!
You might find a distributor to be an rv'er in a campground or rally, a motorcycle owner at a club meeting, classic car owners and clubs, a boat owner, etc. Or, you too can become a distributor!(discussed in the next FAQ). Our distributors will often approach you when they see that you like to take care of your vehicles and offer you a free demonstration! In most cases, when a prospective buyer sees how fast & easy it is to use The Solution, It's usually "a done deal!" They buy a bottle, just because there is nothing else available that can match the results that this breakthrough product gives!


5. How can I become a distributor of "The Solution"?
Answer: Just call us at 1-888-299-2136 or e-mail us from the contact page and we will give you all the details! But be assured that this is truly a simple process, with no involvement, no paperwork, no multilevel marketing, nobody making money off of your sales, no 1099,s, no shipping or handling charges ever, and nobody will hassle you about your sales or anything else! There are no middlemen, you will be a factory-direct independant distributor. You will not be working for anyone but yourself! We are just the supplier of product for your own small business 


1. Why Does Piranha cost $25.00 per quart when it is quite easy to buy a quart of another brand for $10.00 or even less? How can I rationalize the cost effectiveness of such a purchase? 
Answer: While a quart of "PIRANHA" does sound a little pricey at $25.00; if you do the math, you'll see that "PIRANHA" is the most cost effective rv and marine holding tank product on the market! "Piranha" starts out with over 15 times the strength or power of most competitors with a little more than 30 billion microbes per liquid ounce, while the others come in with their lab tests (bacteria counts) at around 1.2 billion microbes per ounce. This is why they recommend using at least 4 ounces per tank. So, if you treat both the black and grey tanks you will use 8 ounces of the 32 ounce quart. (this means that you will get only 4 treatments from their quart at a retail cost of $2.50 per treatment). With "PIRANHA" you use mere capfuls not ounces and therefore you can expect to get up to 128 treatments per quart at 19 cents per treatment, depenting on the size of the tanks, how full they are generally run, and if there are there any immediate odor problems! As you can see; "PIRANHA" is the rational ulternative to all other waste tank digesters! 

2. Does "PIRANHA" in any way damage my holding tanks or plumbing? 
Answer: Absolutely not! "PIRANHA" is a 100% natural product make up only of enzymes and bacteria which are engineered to digest all solid waste including even household toilet paper! 

3. Is there anything that I could introduce into my holding tanks which could slow down or even stop the effectiveness of "PIRANHA" or for that matter, any of the bacteria based holding products? 
Yes! Products like Clorox, Pinesol, caustic cleansers or even antibacterial dishwashing solution or body soaps can inhibit the performance and therefore should not be used, expecially in the black tank! One of the best dishwashing soaps to use is Blue Dawn, as it is one of very few that contains no antibacterial agents! This is a great product to use once or twice a year to thoroughly flush out your tanks of grease or sludge that may be left behind, if the tanks were not run full from time to time! Just put 4 to 6 ounces of Blue Dawn into the tanks with about 5 gallons of warm to hot water, drive for a short while to let the soapy solution slosh around, then dump, rinse and add one to two capfuls of "PIRANHA" and you should be good to go! All common holding problems are now a thing of the past! 


4. Where can I buy "Piranha" besides this website?
Answer: Just like "The Solution", you will generally not find"Piranha" sold in stores. However, it is not uncommon to find a boat owner or an rv'er in a campground offering "Piranha" for sale to fellow boat owners or rv'ers.
Or you may want to consider becoming a distributor yourself! (see next FAQ).


5. How do I become a distributor of "Piranha"?
Answer: Call 1-888-299-2136 or e-mail us from the contact page for the details. But rest assured that a factory-direct distributorship is very simple to get, with no contracts to sign, no multilevel marketing, no 1099's, no shipping charges ever! Basicly, you'll be working for yourself, with us merely being your supplier of your merchandise; not your boss!


1. Should I use Super Seal heavy duty radiator sealant in my cooling system; even though I do not have any leaks at this time? 
Answer: Yes! It is always a good idea when it comes to your personal health or the health of your vehicle's cooling system to use preventive measures! The benefits of using "SUPER SEAL" in your radiator before you get a leak are numerous: 1. Super Seal keeps the seals in your water pump supple thus keeping them from drying out and leaking and it also lubricates the water pump, preventing water pump squeal and premature pump failure. Also it is constantly on the job and should a small leak start to occur in the radiator, heater core, head gasket, cylinder head or anywhere else in the cooling system, "SUPER SEAL" will be on duty to stop that leak! The old saying is really true in this case: "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!" 

2. Can "Super Seal" clog my radiator? 
Answer: No! "SUPER SEAL" is commonly used not only in gasoline engines, but also in diesel engines which have inline water filters! "SUPER SEAL" is fine enough to pass through these water filters with no cloging! "SUPER SEAL" only hardens when it comes in contact with outside air, while under extreme pressure such as is present in a leak in a high-pressure cooling system!


3. Where can I purchase Super Seal, the super heavy duty cooling system sealant?
Answer: You can certainly purchase it from this website or you can call in an order at 1-888-299-2136 . You can also purchase it in many full-service stations throughout the world! If you are a wholesale distributor of automotive products you might be interested in adding Super Seal to your product line, so that you can supply your customers (service stations, convenience stores, etc.) with the product (this is covered in the next faq).


4. How do I become a wholesale distributor of Super Seal Super Heavy Duty Cooling System Sealant (stop-leak)?
nswer: Just e-mail us from the contact page or call us at 1-888-299-2136 and we will be happy to tell you all the details. By the way; this is a great companion product, if you will be distributing Tuff-Stuff tire repair products to your customers (service stations, car dealerships, etc.) Again, as with all of our other products, there are never any shipping or handling charges. This allows you to make more profit! Satisfaction guaranteed


1. Tell me why I should spend @12.95 for a 4 oz. bottle of MONITOR LIZARD screen cleaner to care for my hi-tech Notebook LCD screen, Plasma TV monitor, tablet PC, and even my PDA, when there are quite a number of other "so called screen cleaning products" available for less money? 
Answer: When you consider that today's high resolutuon LCD and plasma screens can cost many thousands of dollars to replace; our price of $12.95 doesn't even become a factor to consider, especially when you see how the price stacks up against the performance of MONITOR LIZARD!

2. What can you tell me about MONITOR LIZARD that should convince me to use MONITOR LIZARD exclusively, over any of the other screen cleaning products that are on the market? 
Answer: MONITOR LIZARD contains none of the host of harsh chemicals, such as alcohol, ammonia, wax and oil, that most of our competitor's products contain! Instead MONITOR LIZARD uses natural cleaning chemicals and surfactants to lift or suspend the dirt, dust and fingerprints away from the screen, where they are gently cleaned away using a very soft cotton or microfiber cloth. Monitor Lizard not only cleans, but it gives an added touch of hi-tech with it's polymer screen protectant. To sum it up: competitive products do not add this protection and can actually do permanent damage to your screen by etching it, with the harsh chemicals that they contain! So, don't sacrifice your expensive monitors, by using anything less than MONITOR LIZARD, "Simply the world's best!"


3. Can MONITOR LIZARD be used to clean and protect any notebook or desktop computer screen or monitor, regardless of brand? 
Answer: Yes! MONITOR LIZARD has a unique blend of chemicals that have been specifically formulated to meet or exceed the factory specifications of all computer screens, including; Apple, HP, Compaq, Dell, Gateway, Toshiba, Sony, Hitachi, Micron, and ProStar, just to name a few! Simply stated: There is absolutely nothing in the make-up of MONITOR LIZARD screen cleaner, that can do any type of damage to your hi-tech displays, no matter what the type or brand! MONITOR LIZARD also exceeds the specifications set by the manufacturers of the varying types of hi-tech televisions. This includes the displays of rear projection television monitors and the displays found on plasma monitors.

4. Name some specific computer display problems that MONITOR LIZARD will solve? 
Answer: First and foremost, MONITOR LIZARD cleans all types of displays without any possibility of scratching or damaging any of the protective coatings your monitor may have. Next; MONITOR LIZARD adds it’s hi-tech layer of polymer protection that not only extends the service life of the screen, but also gives your screen an anti-static property that helps eliminate static discharge and prevents the monitor from attracting dust! MONITOR LIZARD also addresses more specific problems that are inherent with certain brands or models of computers, such as the keyboard marks that develop on the screens of the Apple Powerbook. These marks are a result of the screen itself laying directly against the keyboard when the Powerbook is closed. MONITOR LIZARD completely erases these marks and the problem! On some notebook computers, the trim or bezel that holds the LCD in place is very thin, so that often times you may get fingerprints on the screen when adjusting the screen angle. The surfactant in MONITOR LIZARD lifts these fingerprints and smudges away from the screen as they are wiped off with a clean cotton or microfiber cloth, and the special blend of space age polymer protectants in MONITOR LIZARD actually helps prevent fingerprints and smudges from occurring in the first place! As you can see, there are numerous benefits that will result from the exclusive use of MONITOR LIZARD on any of your hi-tech displays!

1. Many have wondered how we came up with the name AMAZE, for our newest product, a multi-purpose deep cleaner.
The answer is quite simple; during the research and development phase of this product, we would demonstrate it for our customers as they would stop by our factory and when people saw what the results were, they almost always responded with; “That’s Amazing!” Hence, the name AMAZE.

2. What are the primary uses for AMAZE?
The four main uses for Amaze are (1) a super-duty black streak remover, (2) a high-powered bug remover, (3) a light paint oxidation remover and (4) a breakthrough carpet and upholstery deep cleaner, which leaves no residues! However; there are literally hundreds of other cleaning uses for AMAZE! Why not experiment with this great product the next time you find a difficult cleaning problem. You will be AMAZED!

3. Where can AMAZE be used?
Since AMAZE is non-toxic and biodegradable, it can be used about anywhere and on about any kind of stains. In addition to the (4) main uses mentioned in question 2, AMAZE can also be used inside your home, boat, or rv on just about any surface imaginable, and of course it has numerous other outdoor uses, such as degreasing your lawnmower engine, removing spots on your driveway and the list of uses goes on and on!

4. Why should I pay $19.95 a quart for AMAZE when there are other products on the market with similar claims?
ANSWER: First of all, AMAZE is manufactured by Super Seal Specialty Company, makers of numerous other breakthrough quality products, such as THE SOLUTION, PIRANHA, MONITOR LIZARD AND TUFF-STUFF, all of which carry our famous 100% satisfaction guarantee! Simply stated this means: If our products do not meet your expectations and/or out perform any other similar products, you will get 100% of your purchase price refunded! AMAZE really does WORK!

1. Why should I go to the added expense of buying microfiber over terrycloth?
Answer: Although terrycloth is a great stardard cloth for cleaning and wiping; if you really want to go the extra distance to absolutely insure that your finest finishes are protected; then microfiber is the answer. Here are four reasons to use microfiber either alone or in conjunction with terrycloth: (1) microfiber contains millions of cells that make it up to seven times more absorbent than terry cloth, (2) the construction of our microfiber is such that it can outlast a standard terrycloth up to ten times, thus making it very cost effective to use, (3) although most microfiber is soft enough to use on a camera lens, yet by the very way it is woven it has a cutting or slicing action when gently cleaning bugs, tar, or hard water deposits off of your finest automotive finishes, and (4) although many people seem to be satisfied with the all-around performance of terrycloth for general cleaning purposes, most professional detailers will not come within 10 miles of a terrycloth, as they are convinced that microfiber is the only way to go when cleaning the very finest and most expensive painted finishes!

2. Do I have to use microfiber exclusively when applying “The Solution”?

Answer: You will use it exclusively only if you consider yourself a fanatic or perfectionist when it comes to taking care of your vehicles! Short of that you may want to consider just using the microfiber as the application cloth for “The Solution” and then use terrycloth to wipe it off and polish!

3. With microfiber becoming available for sale just about everywhere from Walmart to flea markets, what makes ours superior?
Answer: Our microfibers are make to last and use only the highest quality materials available. This why you can expect be able to use and re-use our microfibers hundreds of times. Just toss them into the washing machine, with a little detergent but be sure not to use fabric softener and then machine dry and they are as good as new to use again and again! Another plus: our microfibers do not lint, as do most competitive brands. So; why not give this high-tech way cleaning cloth a try and see what you’ve been missing! 


1. With so many different ATV tire repair kits available, what makes the “NO TIME FLAT” kit the best?
The ‘NO TIME FLAT” ATV tire repair kit is made by Super Seal Specialty Company and uses exclusively our TUFF-STUFF tire repair vulcanizing repair cords. These vulcanizing cords are known throughout tire repair circles to be among the best, if not the very best repair of this type in the world! The 5 repair cords included in each kit are our super-premium BIG RED / 12 strand plugs. The BIG RED plug gives you 40% more bulk for your repair than any other tire plug. This gives you the added assurance that the repair will hold in a very thin 2-ply tire such as an ATV tire.

2. OK, so the “NO TIME FLAT” kit has the best plugs in it; are there any other reasons why I should spend $31.95 of my hard earned money on it?
There are more reasons to buy only the TUFF-STUFF “NO TIME FLAT” ATV tire repair kit: First and perhaps foremost it comes in a 10” long x 2” diameter heavy duty / waterproof case with two removable rubber caps on each end. Most other kits usually come in a blister pack and when opened there is no real place to keep all the components; however the “NO TIME FLAT” kit stays very organized and dry in it’s unique tube, It is also very compact, making it easy to store in your ATV glove box or even in your jacket pocket.

3. Give me one more good reason to buy the “NO TIME FLAT” KIT”!
OK, let’s check out the componet list: Inside the “NO TIME FLAT” kit tube you get 5 TUFF-STUFF repair plugs (refills available on this website), a heavy duty insertion tool with a chrome vanadium needle, a solid brass RED ZEPPELIN inflator complete with two threaded and insulated CO2 cartridges plus and an instruction sheet. So, as you can see, when you get a flat tire on your ATV out in the boondocks, you will be able to easily access your “NO TIME FLAT” kit and you will literally be back up and running in “NO TIME FLAT!”